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Spelling, punctuation and grammar


Spelling, punctuation and grammar activities for this week.



This week we are revising our knowledge of the -tion, -sion and -ssion suffixes.

Have a go at the suffix lists on Spelling Shed and the activities below.

For more spelling games looking at the suffix endings click the link here: Spelling Frame

Click on the 'spelling tiles' and choose your activity!


Activity 1


Activity 2


Activity 3

Grammar and Punctuation - Comma for fronted adverbials 


Fronted adverbials adds information, such as when or where, before the main clause. A comma must come after the fronted adverbial phrase so that it shows it is separate from the main clause.


Under the sea, the shimmering mermaids danced about.

Slowly but surely, he clambered up the frayed rope. 



Activity 1

Complete these sentences by adding a main clause to the fronted adverbial:


In the dead of night, ____________________________.

Inside the box, ________________________________. 

Without a sound, _______________________________.


Activity 2

Add an appropriate fronted adverbial to these main clause sentences - don't forget the punctuation!


______________ he went to play with his friends.

______________ she tiptoed across the room.

______________ Sarah could see the sea.

______________ the soldier fought on.


Activity 3

Rewrite these sentences so the adverbial is at the start.


The birds were soaring above the clouds.

The world was silent under the stars.

She heard the door creak open at midnight.

She edged towards the strange creature cautiously.