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KEY QUESTION: How is electricity made?


This week, we are going to be learning about WHERE electricity comes from and HOW it is made. Watch the videos below to help you.

Since electricity is a secondary source of energy, it needs to be generated, or made, from a primary source of energy.





Some of these methods of generating electricity are renewable. This means they will never run out, so we can use them to generate electricity for ever.

However, some methods are non-renewable. This means that they will run out, and when they do we will not be able to use them to generate electricity.


Coal, oil and natural gas will all run out one day. When they do, we will not be able to burn these materials to generate electricity.

However, these materials are cheaper than the renewable sources. For this reason, most of our electricity is currently generated from fossil fuels.





Use this picture and the sentence starters below to explain how electricity is powered into our homes.







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