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Key Question: Would a playstation work without a plug?



Electricity powers many of the things we use everyday - televisions, phones, computers, lights and microwaves. Electricity occurs naturally, such as in lightning, or even in your body to send messages from your brain to your organs!


Over time, scientists worked out how to use electricity to make things work. They also discovered ways to generate, or make, electricity. This meant that electricity was more readily available and things could be powered more easily.


This sort of electricity is known as current electricity.

Current electricity is a flow of electrical charge through a material. Often it flows through wires to travel from a power source to an appliance.













Draw a venn diagram into your book.

Can you think of items which are mains powered and items which are battery powered?

Remember - in the middle are items which are BOTH mains powered AND battery powered.



If this is tricky, you could draw a table and sort different items into a table