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Monday 4th May 2020 - Thursday 7th May 2020


This week, we are focusing on how we know something is a living thing.

A living thing needs 7 things to be classed as a 'living thing'

These are:

M - movement

R - respiration 

S - senses

- growth

R - reproduction

E - excretion

N - nutrition 


We can remember this using MRS GREN.


Look at both of these powerpoints all about the different living processes


Look at the different objects below. Think carefully - are they living things?

Write a sentence for each one to explain whether they are living or not and explain your reason why. Remember to use the 7 different life processes in your explanation.


Click on the picture below.

Look carefully at the sunflower.

Is it a living thing? Explain your reasons.

-> Think carefully about the presentation of your work.


Choose a living thing.

Draw it in the middle of your page and annotate around the outside using the 7 living process to explain how you know it is a living thing.