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What is adaptation?

This half term we are going to be having a look at a new and exciting topic - Evolution. Over the next few weeks we will be having a look at how humans and animals have adapted over time and paying particular focus on Charles Darwin and Mary Anning.


To begin our topic off we are going to look at answering the big question above - What is adaptation?



Let's have a look at this in practice then - how have camels adapted to living in the desert.


Listen to the song below and make notes thinking in particular about the features of the camel and how they enable them to survive in their environment.


A catchy song (apologies parents in advance) which focuses on how camels have adapted to survive in the desert - enjoy!

Your challenge:


We would like to to explore 5 different animals or plants (ideally from different environments i.e Rainforest, Ocean, Woodlands etc) and explain how they have adapted to be to able to live and survive in their environments. 


Think about how your work can be presented and don't forget to send it in to so that we can upload it onto the website.