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Science Challenge Forces

In Science this half term we have been investigating forces. We have learned about gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. The children have investigated how these forces work and how they can be useful in day to day life.

Your task is to find out more about the following types of transport and explain with diagrams how they work. Can you show when forces are at work? Show them with arrows on your diagrams. There are some suggested clips for you to watch but you might find your own too to help you learning.




How does a hot air balloon fly without an engine?



How does a glider fly without an engine?

You might even want to make your own mini glider and see how far it flies.


You can show how you investigated these challenges in any way you choose. You could do a poster, a science experiment write up or even an investigation with pictures or videos. Just show your best science skills and try to use key vocabulary like gravity, air resistance, water resistance, force and friction.