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Reading activities for this week


1. Make sure you read every day for atleast 20 minutes.

Try to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction.

Remember you can read books, magazines or even things on the internet.


2. Don't forget to complete one page of your reading record


3. Complete the reading comprehension on this page into your green exercise book.





This week's focus for our reading comprehension: International museum day

What is International Museum Day?

International Museum Day is an annual event held either on or around 18 May.

The museums participating plan events and exhibitions in accordance with a different theme each year.

The theme for 2020 is Diversity and Inclusion. 

The event functions to celebrate the role of museums in our society, engaging the public with creative activities. Plus, it provides a platform to raise awareness of any topics or preoccupations the museums feel are important. 


What is a museum? 

Museums keep documents and artefacts relating to cultures, societies, nature, and almost anything else you can imagine throughout history 


Famous museums: 

  • British Museum, London 
  • Guggenheim Museum, New York 
  • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam 
  • Museo Larco, Lima 
  • The Acropolis Museum, Athens 


How is International Museum Day celebrated? 

Events and activities for International Museum Day vary throughout the world. Events from previous years include: 

  • A museum-hopping bus-tour in Miselerland, Luxembourg 
  • Live music, poetry and dancing 
  • Night openings of museums in several countries 
  • Workshops and competitions 
  • Sharing stories 

Reading comprehension

Click on the image to make it bigger for you to read.



1. What type of art is displayed in the Hastings Gallery?



2. Use information from the text to fill in the blanks in this sentence.


The artist __________ created an artwork for a hospital. It shows a boy playing with a _________________________.



3. How do you think the people at the hospital in Southampton felt when finding out a world famous artist had created a work honoring them?



4. Summarise the text in 20 words or fewer.


5. Decide whether each of these statements are true or false.

The robots control themselves.

The robots can be controlled from home.

The device was brought from Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

The device was loaned from Bristol Robotics Laboratory.