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Reading activities for this week


1. Make sure you read every day for atleast 20 minutes.

Try to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction.

Remember you can read books, magazines or even things on the internet.


2. Don't forget to complete one page of your reading record


3. Complete the reading comprehension on this page into your green exercise book.



Reading comprehension text

VE day comprehension questions:

(Remember write your answer in a full sentence. You don't need to write out the question)


1. What does VE day stand for?

2. Where were the American Army Headquarters?

3. What happened at 19:40 on 7th May?

4. Read the 'A special celebration' paragraph - what has happened for the second time in history?

5. How do you think the people felt when they heard the news - use the evidence from the text to support your answer.

6. Why do you think the King and Queen appeared so many times on the balcony?

7. Why do you think Buckingham Palace has not been lit for 6 years?