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Read this well-known story called The Hare and the Tortoise.

This type of short story is called a fable. A fable teaches you something important (this is sometimes called a moral)



Answer the following questions in full sentences to show how well you have comprehended (understood) the story.

1. What did the Hare say he was very good at?

2. Which animal agreed to race the Hare? Why was this strange?

3. What did the Hare decide to do when he saw how slow the Tortoise was in the race?

4. What happened when the crowd started cheering?

5. Who won the race?

6. What lesson (or moral) did you learn from this story?





The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse is another well-known fable.

Read the text and then answer the comprehension questions that follow.

Either print the sheet out or write your answers on a separate piece of paper.


Come up with three of your own questions that you could ask someone else to check they have comprehended (understood) The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

For example: What did the town mouse think of the country mouse’s food?

Top tip!

  • Use the common question starters: what, who, where, when, why.