The arrangements for the children returning to school in September can be found in 'News and Events' then 'Letters Home'.
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1.  Who has the author written this text for? 

a) People who work for the NHS

b) children learning about the NHS

c) Adults who are baking a cake

d) Children who are learning to dance



2. Number the events from 1-5 to show the order in which they occur in the text. The first one has been done for you


They have become a symbol of happiness and positivity.

The NHS is a group of organisations which offer free medical treatment  (1)

You may have noticed that rainbows have been appearing in windows.

Even the Prime Minister and some members of the Royal Family have been known to take part.

Lots of countries in the world do not have free medical care.


3. Find and copy one word which means the same as gratitude.



4.  List THREE things they people might do on Thursdays at 8pm.



5. The author uses the word 'incredible' to describe the amount of money raised by Sir Thomas Moore. Think of a synonym for this word.