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Reading activities for this week


1. Make sure you read every day for atleast 20 minutes.

Try to read a variety of fiction and non-fiction.

Remember you can read books, magazines or even things on the internet.


2. Don't forget to complete one page of your reading record

Be careful with your presentation.

Make sure you try to achieve your targets.

Once you've completed all the activities, you can choose from the list again.


This week's comprehension is all about FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE.


Read the text and answers the questions into your book

WALT: answer questions on a text.



1. Which word is closely linked to 'advancements'?

a) deterioration

b) improvements

c) failings

d) decline



2. How do we know that Florence Nightingale was religious?

Use the text to help you.


3. Fill in the missing words.

Nurses didn't receive ____________ and were not _____________.


4. Find and copy two improvements that Florence Nightingale made to the hospital in Scutari.


5. How do you know that Florence Nightingale was respected for the work she did?