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Report Comments by Pupils (July 2022)


All the teachers I have had are funny, kind and thoughtful.  Thank you very much!


Thank you for teaching me and helping me to improve.


I was happy to read that the teachers were able to say that I put 100% effort into all subjects.


I have really enjoyed my time at VPJS.  I would like to thank all of the teachers that have helped me grow more confident through the years.


I am over the moon with my report and I am happy with all of the feedback you have given me.


Thank you for putting smiles on my face and the rest of the class.  I appreciate you pushing us all to succeed so that we can face new challenges.


Thank you for all your help.  This was the best year in my opinion.


I was a bit nervous when I opened my report but it was great (according to my parents!)


I think that I have improved on being a more reflective learner.  I am proud of myself in all subjects.  I am ready for Year 6!


I have learnt a lot this year.


I am very proud of my spelling, because I worked so hard on it and it paid off.


I have learned a new language and made some amazing friends who have helped me with my work.  Thank you to my teacher especially helping me to learn English.


I have loved being part of your class.  The report was great and I agreed with it all.


I am proud of what I have achieved this year and how far I have come.  Everything in my report brought a smile to my face.


My report was better than I had imagined!


I have liked the learning we have done this year.  I have enjoyed the challenges, because I had to use 100% of my brain!


I think my year has been great and I will try even harder next year.


I have really enjoyed being part of Miss Rowland’s class.  She has made learning lots of fun.  I have really pushed myself this year and my results reflect that.


This year has been my favourite year!


I enjoyed reading my report and I am proud of my effort this year.  Thanks Miss van de Stouwe for teaching me.


I am proud of my writing this year.


I think that I have improved from last year!


I am really pleased with my progress and my report.  I have enjoyed having Mrs. Holmes as my teacher.


I am very pleased with my report and agree with what you said about me.


I loved that you were very honest in my report.


I am very proud of my report and myself.


I know that next year, I need to be a more active participant.


Next year, I will work hard on my writing and check for capital letters.


I have enjoyed being in 3O and I would not mind restarting again.  I am really excited about Year 4.


Thank you for being so kind and making learning fun.


I loved being part of your class.  Thank you for everything.


My school year has been exciting, because I have learnt lots of things.


I hope that next year, I achieve becoming a greater depth writer.


I know that I need to have 100% focus next year.


I am very proud of my improvement in my effort in lessons and work this year.  I have enjoyed being a School Councillor and learning to play the ukulele.


I will try my hardest in Year 4 and concentrate with my learning.


I think that it was really nice to talk about gymnastics in my report.


It has been really fun in Year 3 and I will miss Miss Daly.  Also, I want to thank Mrs. Williams and I will also miss her.


Thank you for making this year amazing!