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Our ASK (Attitudes, Skills & Knowledge) Curriculum​​​​​​​

Victoria Park Junior School ASK Curriculum 

Victoria Park Junior School has a whole school ethos whereby pupils and staff understand and adapt to the rapidly changing society and economic climate in which we live. The curriculum we develop not only adheres to the National Curriculum requirements, it also provides the opportunities for skills to be taught and developed.

We believe the development of a curriculum whereby lifelong skills are learnt is necessary to enable our pupils to lead a fulfilling and successful life.

In preparing pupils to make a positive contribution upon their wider community and society as a whole, we believe their curriculum should be relevant and reflect 21st century life.

We offer opportunities to develop the pupils’ knowledge of a range of subjects through collaborative and project based learning where children explore and investigate areas of study through questioning, enquiry and exploration. The foundation subjects are timetabled in blocks, so that children are absorbed in the subject area, thereby deepening their understanding & knowledge of the subject.

As well as building on pupils’ knowledge and skills through exploration and enquiry, we believe that developing a range of appropriate learning attitudes is necessary for our pupils to be prepared for their future lives.

Attitudes that capture the nature of the following roles and all the ’learn to learn’ skills include; team worker, problem solver, self manager, clear communicator, curious questioner and reflective learner. 
At Victoria Park Junior School we celebrate and encourage the unique individuality of our learners by sharing their multiple intelligences. We recognise and allow pupils to explore their own from the following; interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, kinaesthetic, musical, visual/spatial, logical/mathematical and naturalistic.

At Victoria Park Junior School we wish to promote independence, resilience, creativity and motivation in our pupils which we believe will support them into becoming well rounded, confident young people.

The structure of learning consists of a focused Attitude from the 6 areas of learning attitudes, key Skills related to the specific subject area and Knowledge in compliance with the National Curriculum content. All 3 areas of learning are considered to have equal importance and are shared with pupils. This whole school teaching and learning approach, we call ASKAttitude, Skills & Knowledge