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Welcome to the Governors section of the website.

We as a governing body think that is important for the parents/carers of VPJS to know who we are and what our actual role is within the school. 

Detailed below are some explanations of who we are and what it is like being a governor.

What does being a Governor involve?

Firstly, it involves being a part of the school and VPJS is a welcoming, positive, outstanding school that it is a pleasure to be involved in.

The Governors meet around 6 times a year as a full body to review progress, support and challenge the school as well as agreeing on priorities and strategic direction. This is were we look at:

  • Development plans for the children, the staff, the curriculum and the school
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the school and ensuring that we are always striving to improve.

There is also a sub-committee that looks after Resources. This is where we look at:

  • Finances and budgets for the school
  • People and staffing
  • School premises
  • Health and safety

Governors are also free to come into school and be a part of the school and donate as much of their free time as they want to. We are each part of a subject team where we hold subject leaders to account. Amongst the highlights are being invited to the many wonderful events that the school holds including the Winter Concert and the Year 6 Production.

Who am I?

Sarah Baker

My name is Sarah Baker and I have been a governor since April 2023 and have been the Chair of Governors at Victoria Park Junior School since January 2024.

Akilah Akinola

I am a governor who has had 2 children attend VPJS. I am the lead governor for safeguarding. In my working life I manage a charity which supports adults with a learning disability and/or mental health needs.

Cllr. Tom Ross

I am a local councillor for Stretford and have been a governor at the school since 2012.  I work full time managing the local Member of Parliament’s office.  In my spare time I enjoy catching up with my friends and family, watching TV and helping out with Friends of Victoria Park.

Hayley Ross

I am Hayley Ross and I have been a school governor since March  2020. I currently work as a Human Resource Advisor. I am really happy to be supporting a local school and it is great to be able to share my skills and experience to make a positive difference.

I have a son called Oliver and it is really important for me to play whatever role I can to make sure that he and others get the best out of their time at school. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and going for walks.

Lauren Kelly

My name is Lauren Kelly, I have been a parent governor at VPJS since 2021 and currently have a son who is still at our school. I am the Chair of Resources Committee. I am also the Chair of FAF! for Victoria Park Junior School. I wanted to join the governors to gain a better understanding of our school and to also to offer support in any way that I can to help our school to grow and continue to be an excellent school. Outside of school I enjoy reading and spending time with family and friends.  In my working career I have held various roles which I believe can only help to enhance my time as a Governor for VPJS.

Kate Harding

I have been a parent governor since February 2023 and Vice Chair of Governors since March 2024. I currently have twins at VPJS, and a younger daughter who will join the school in future. I work for a national charity supporting people with their wellbeing, and also work at Stretford Public Hall. I enjoy being part of the local community in Stretford, and know what a crucial part schools play. I’m really pleased to join the governors to offer support to VPJS, and to be involved in making a positive impact on children and families in our local area.

Stan Lipnitski

My name is Stan Lipnitski and I have been a governor at VPJS since January 2024.

Jane Killworth

My name is Jane Killworth and I have been a governor at VPJS since May 2024.

Hannah Holmes

My name is Hannah Holmes and I am a year 3 class teacher. I am the staff governor of Victoria Park Junior School.