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Kaboom Percussion: "I'm Still Standing"


Watch the video below and follow along with the instructions. The people form Kaboom Percussion will guide you through all the actions to play along with the song. Can you keep a steady beat and get to the end?  


What you need
You'll need a plastic cup and a hard surface


Solo or duet
You can do this activity on your own, or you can have a go with a family member or friend

I'm Still Standing - PERFORMANCE

Explore, create and listen: Natural sounds


Sound is all around us! 


There are lots of amazing examples around the world where people have used the environment to create musical sound.

Eden Project: Aeolus wind sculpture exhibit

Zadar Sea Organ

Open the worksheet below and make your own interesting sound maker powered by nature.

Listening: Music and pictures

Watch the video below, featuring Spring by Vivaldi – you can stop around 1.30 if you wish. 

Spring. Antonio Vivaldi

  • Consider...
    How well did the photos of flowers, trees and instects build a picture of spring
  • Instruments...
    What instruments could you hear?