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Listen to the track below... 10 short clips of famous Disney songs.

Each one has had either the pitch, speed or both altered and they overlap each other.

Can you still work out which film they're from and what song it is? 

Disney Quiz


Watch the first minute of the video below featuring the Jalikunda African Drums at the Montserrat African Music Festival.


  • How is the sound made? Think about how the drummers are producing the sound on these drums. Which part of the drum do they hit, and with what? (Some of you might have already played this instrument in school!)
  • Can you make an instrument like this? Using cling film and a plastic cup or bowl can you work out a way to make a similar instrument to what you see on the video?
  • How many ways can you make sounds? Explore using different parts of your fingers and hand to make musical sounds. Experiment with tempo (the speed you play... fast and slow)
  • Form a Kitchen Drum Group. Make more than one of these and get your family involved! We'd love to see the outcome.

Jalikunda African Drums take the Montserrat African Music Festival by storm