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Give these three YouTube videos a watch, and choose your favourite 

Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

RimbaTubes: Star Wars Medley | Snubby J

Street artist playing Hallelujah with crystal glasses

Answer the following questions about the piece of music you chose.

You can either write this down, or discuss with your family.


1. Describe the instrument being played. What shape and size is it?
2. Describe the materials used to make this instrument
3. How do you think it makes a sound? Can you work what the performer does to create this sound?
4. How did this music make you feel? Choose an emoji if you'd like!




It's time to make a kitchen utensil band! First, make sure the adults in the house are OK with this, and maybe even get them to join in too.


Find some suitable items from the kitchen that you think will make some good sounds... like a saucepan, spoon, ladel, spatula, whisk etc.


Using a grid separated into four beats, make a graphic score showing when each sound is going to be made.

We've prepared an example for you, and you can download this, as well as a template grid to print at home below

Try playing each part, then with the help of others in the house, all the parts together.

We'd love to see the work you've done! 

Send your work to