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So far in music we have: 

  • learnt to play a song
  • performed a song
  • signed a song 
  • rewrote the lyrics to a song

This week we would like you to have a go a writing your own lyrics to put to a short clip of music.  

Watch the video link below.

Underneath the video there are two links to clips of music, listen to them.  Think about..


  • your favourite song, why do you like that song?
  • What makes you want to listen to your favourite song again and again?
  • Are there any words that you like singing?

Work out the rhythm of the music (from the clips)- you could use clapping or tapping.

Make notes about words that you want to include in your song.  Turn your notes into lyrics and sing them alongside your chosen clip of music.

We love to see your videos so remember to email your performances of your own songs to