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Music Targets for year 5- which ones have you completed so far?


I know and can sing/rap four songs off by heart! They are:

1. Livin’ On A Prayer – Rock

2. Make You Feel My Love – Pop Ballad

3. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air – Hip Hop

4. Dancing In The Street – Motown


Pulse, rhythm and pitch

☐ I can demonstrate and explain how pulse, rhythm and pitch connect in a song or piece of music



☐ Classroom Jazz 1 – I have played these melodies by ear and improvised.

☐ I can play the glockenspiel along to all the songs we sang this year.


Have a practise at singing the Fresh Prince of Bel- Air

(Lyrics are below)


Feeling confident? Send us a audio or video clip to the home learning email! :)