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More maths activities

Maths revision pack


Don't forget the revision pack which has been uploaded the previous two weeks. Spend some time looking over the areas you wish to revise. Remember you can choose what you want to recap and revise smiley

Reasoning Quiz


Have a go at the reasoning quiz below, can you challenge yourself to get full marks?

Snakes and Ladders


Here is a game of snakes of ladders that will allow you to recap your knowledge of fractions. Have a go at playing at home with your family if you can!

Long division


If you wish to practise long division, then have a go at completing the board game attached. You can either choose to play it as a game or if you wish to just use it as arithmetic practise.

Algebra practise


Here's a little algebra practise if you want to recap. Can you find the value of all the different shapes? They start of nice and easy but will get trickier smiley