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Monday 6th July




Modal Verbs Revision


A modal verb is a special type of verb.

Modal verbs change or affect other verbs in a sentence. They are used to show the level of possibility, indicate ability, show obligation or give permission. Modal verbs behave differently to ‘ordinary’ verbs.

The most common modal verbs are:

  • will
  • would
  • should
  • could
  • may
  • can
  • shall
  • ought to
  • must
  • might


Watch the video below and answer the questions on modal verbs


Task 1

In each sentence below, identify any modal verbs.
1) Steve could get some chicken.
2) Aaron ought to go home.
3) Barry won’t be having chips tonight. 
4) Harry may go to the cinema later.
5) John will fetch the car.

Task 2: Rewrite each of the sentences above, changing the modal verb so that the probability/ possibility is different.


Task 3

Write a sentence for each modal verb below.


Task 4

1) Which modal verbs indicate something is certain to happen?
2) Which modal verbs indicate something has a 50/50 chance of happening?
3) Which modal verbs show something is certain not to happen?


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