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Monday 4th May



Time to warm our brains up!

Let's recap calculation. Remember to read the question carefully.


Use this week to catch up on all the writing tasks that we have set. You can look back over the last 2 weeks if you are unsure and need more explanation. Here is a list of all the tasks…

  • Write a setting description about the Stone Age camp in the story Stone Age Boy. Remember to use noun phrases and prepositions to add detail and description.
  • Write a set of instructions for one of the following Stone Age activities; making a fire, cooking, making clothes and making tools.
    Remember to use verbs and time conjunctions.
  • Write a recount about a time when you travelled back in time to the Stone Age. Use paragraphs to retell the events in order.

If you have completed all the writing tasks so far, have a go at writing your own piece. Here are some ideas...

- a fact file about an area of Stone Age history that interests you

- a poem or song about the Stone Age

- a recount as an archaeologist discovering a new artefact from the Stone Age

- a balanced argument about what is today or life in the Stone Age


Now have a go at this SpaG activity.

Complete the following reading comprehension. Answer the questions carefully in your book.