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Monday 29th June




Over the next sessions we are going to be revising and practising skills from throughout year 5.

Today we are going to be looking at Adverbs!


Click the link below to watch the video about adverbs


Now have a go at the challenges below!

Adverb Challenges


Try creating your own word bank of adverbs- don't forget to include adverbs that don't end in 'ly'.

You can use the headings in the picture above if it helps


The starters this week are going to be revision from the previous work you have completed in year 5 to see what you can remember. 


Missing angles



Main lesson 

This week we are continuing to look at converting measures. 

Today you will look at millimetres and millilitres.


Go through the powerpoint and answer the questions in your books as you go. 

Then choose your questions from the document below and check your answers.