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Monday 20th April




Today is a catch up day in maths and this will give you time to ensure you are all up to date with the learning so far (you should have completed ratio and proportion and started to look at calculating and finding missing angles). If there is learning you have not managed to do, then have a look on last week's page and see what you need to catch up on.


For those of you who are all up to date, then use today to complete your Mental Maths test for the week.



We are going to have a recap on words ending in -ant. Have a go at the activity below, can you put the 10 words back together again?



For today's task we would love to see your wand advertisements come to life!  We would like you to film an advert for your wand and send it to:

Think about....

  • How are you going to catch our attention?
  • The setting of your advertisement.  Will you need props or scenery?
  • Persuasive vocabulary
  • Do you have a logo?
  • Catchy slogan
  • Is your wand recommended by famous wizards/witches
  • Are you going to include other family members or even pets?

We look forward to seeing your creative adverts and your faces.smiley