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This week, we will be practising our 9 times tables.

Make sure you practise everyday. Maybe try asking an adult or someone at home to test you.

Remember: times tables are important and help you with lots of other areas of maths.


Look at this easy way of remembering your 9x tables.
















Write out your 9x tables:

1 x 9 =

2 x 9 = 

3 x 9 =

4 x 9 =

5 x 9 =

6 x 9 =

7 x 9 =

8 x 9 =

9 x 9 =

10 x 9 =

11 x 9 =

12 x 9 =


This week, we will be moving on to look at the property of shapes.

Today, we will be focusing on angles.

Have a look at the different powerpoints below to help you understand the different types of angles.

Have a go at this question. Think carefully about what you know about acute angles.




Now have a go at these questions into your book. Don't worry about drawing out the angles. Just write the answers.














This week, we will be focusing on the theme of 'dragons'


Send us ONE piece of English work this week to be entered into a draw on Friday to win a dragon themed prize.

We will draw the names randomly on Friday and let you know. 


To be entered into the draw, send your work to:




Today's lesson, you will be drawing, labeling and writing your own description of your own dragon.



Draw a picture of your own dragon. The more detail you put into drawing your dragon, the easier it'll be to describe. 

Label your dragon with expanded noun phrases

Eg. multi-coloured wings

Sharp, pointy teeth

Challenge: try to include a simile.




Now, write a description of your dragon.

Remember to include:

*commas to separate items in a list

*expanded noun phrases (adjective and noun -> sharp claws)

* fronted adverbials (On it's back, all over the dragon's body,...)

*subordinate clauses 

* interesting vocabulary choices

* subordinating conjunctions (awhitebus)

* a question mark and an exclamation mark