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Monday 18/05/20



Good morning and welcome to you Mental Monday Maths lesson. Today we would like you to be completing another test in your Mental Maths book. Remember as always to be using your jotters to do the working out you need to; think carefully about what the questions are asking you to do and try to set yourself a target that you aim to achieve or even beat! yes



Let's have a go at playing scrabble. Using the words below, have a go at placing them within the board below.


Watch the following link about commas, brackets and dashes. You might want to dance too... wink

Now that we've reminded ourselves about dashes, brackets and commas.  Complete the two activities below.

Short Writing Task

Watch the following video link about the oldest message in a bottle being found.

After watching the video, think about......

  • What do you think happened to the Captain and his boat?
  • Did they get to Indonesia safely?
  • Or perhaps they were been stranded on a desert island?
  • Worse still, could they have been attacked by a giant octopus?!


Your Task

We would like you to produce a piece of writing (no longer than a page) that involves the message in a bottle.  You might want to write....

  • a diary entry as the Captain 
  • a story of what happened to the Captain and his boat
  • a background story as to why the Captain wrote a message in a bottle 
  • your own message in a bottle 
  • the story of the bottle and its travels

You may have your own idea- it's completely up to you.



Remember to include...

  • interesting sentences openers
  • a wide range of vocabulary
  • subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions
  • description to engage and interest the reader
  • a wide range of punctuation


Send your writing to