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Mayans Project

Mayan Project


Over the last two weeks of year 5 you will research the Mayans.

By the end of the two weeks, you will submit your project to your teacher through the home learning email. 


Week 1

Research the Mayans


Before you start to put your project together in week 2, you need to learn about the Mayans. Here are some questions you could research.


Who were the Maya?

What did Mayan farmers grow?

How many city-states were there?

Who were the Mayan gods?

Why did the Maya build pyramids?

What was Mayan writing like?

Why did the Maya stargaze?

How did the Maya dress?

What art did the Maya make?

What did Mayan merchants trade?

What happened to the Maya?


Here are some websites to help you start your research -


Can you write like the Mayans?