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It's all Mayan!

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This half-term, we are putting our ASK attitudes to the test by being resilient, clear communicators and problem-solvers when conducting group research about areas of Mayan history that interest us and spark our curiosity! We are enjoying using I-Pads, the ICT suite and books to learn from the past and think critically about how they helped shaped the future. Questions that we are researching are things such as...


  • What have the Mayans ever done for us?
  • Where is Mesoamerica?
  • What did Mayan civilizations eat, wear and do for fun?
  • What are Mayan arts and crafts?
  • What religion and Gods did they believe in and worship?
  • Are there any famous Mayan landmarks around today?
  • What is the Mayan calendar?






We are enjoying our Mayan research...