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Victoria Park Junior School History Curriculum


At Victoria Park Junior School we aim to create an exciting and thought-provoking History curriculum. As well as learning about Britain's past, we also look to the wider world in order for children to gain good knowledge of how the past has shaped the modern world. The aim of History at VPJS is to inspire pupils to grow their curiosity, think critically and develop their research skills. A good understanding of History also supports children to show respect and equality towards others by learning about other civilisations and societies. By looking into the process of change. children can also develop aspirations for their own futures.



The History curriculum at VPJS has been organised chronologically from the earliest records of the Stone Age up to 1066 and beyond. 

History Curriculum Map

Year 3


Year 3 study two History topics throughout the year: Ancient Egypt and Stone Age - Iron Age.


Here, Year 3 have used artefacts and been archaeologists to learn about the Egyptians.

Year 4


Year 4 continue on from the Ancient Egyptians to look first at the Roman Empire before moving on to the Anglo-Saxons and Scots and finally the Vikings.

Romans Day Visit

Year 4 have learned about different sources and discussed about which ones are more reliable.

Year 5


New for this year, Year 5 will be studying the Ancient Islamic Civilisation. Past 1066, Year 5 focus on the Victorians and Black & Asian Historical Figures.


Here, Year 5 have learned about Manchester through the ages, starting from the Bronze Age to before the Industrial Revolution

Year 6


Year 6 look into WW2, Crime and Punishment and study the last of the Ancients topics - Ancient Greece.


Here, Year 6 have been interpreting images different types of punishment, inferring what they were used for and the type of crime a person might have committed. 

Platinum Jubilee Day - May 25th 2022


To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's historic Platinum Jubilee, VPJS had an exciting day filled with history and fun!

During the morning, each class learned a little of the history of our current monarch by looking at and discussing key pictures from her life time. 

Each year group then had an enquiry to investigate. Here is what they got up to:


Year 3 researched coronations and learned all about Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation in June 1952. 


Year 4 linked their Jubilee activity to their learning about Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain. They researched why King Alfred was known as 'Alfred the Great' and then decided whether Queen Elizabeth II should also be known as 'Great'. 

Year 5 compared the reigns of Britain's two longest serving Monarchs: Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II.

Year 6 linked with their Ancient Greece unit of work, looking at and comparing how Ancient Greece and the UK are governed. They looked at the role Queen Elizabeth II has as Head of State and what that means for any laws that are made through Parliament.