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For the rest of the half term, we would like you to produce a 'History Project' on a specific time period.  The choice is yours...... you may want to base it on a historical period you have already learnt about.  These include: The Tudors, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Vikings, WW2 and The Victorians.  Or you may want to choose something else... Medieval Times, Stone Age, Middle Ages, The Stuarts- it's completely up to you!

Think about the information you want to find about your time period, you might want to look at: main events, how were children educated during these times, the roles of men and women, who ruled, famous people, armies ... again it is completely up to you. laugh

In your project, think about how you are going to present your findings for each topic within that time period- the more creative the better!  (letters, diary entry, newspaper article, diagrams, fact files...etc)