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Your challenge is to be a historian and become a real expert on the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age!

Over the next 2 weeks do a project on how changes happened across the Stone, Bronze & Iron Ages. It might include some of the learning you have already done or something else that interests you.

You can present your learning in any way you choose. Here are some ideas...

- make a book (using your non-fiction writing skills)

- make or draw artefacts and explain what they tells us about this time in history

- create 3D models

- make a film or documentary

- write and perform a play about life back then

- make a presentation to teach others

- draw images of what you think life would have been like


Your learning might include the following across the Stone Age, Bronze Age & Iron Age...

  • homes
  • hunting and tools
  • clothing
  • animals
  • art
  • inventions

Here are some websites to help...

Remember the resources we have used last half term also when doing your project.

Time to show how much of a history expert you are!