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Healthy Lunchtimes & School Dinners


School Dinners


Trafford's Operational Services for Education provide catering to our school and their aim is to "ensure that children receive a balanced, filling and nutritious meal, which supports them in optimising their achievement and attainment levels".


The menu choices run on a 3 week rotation, please click  below to view the planned menus. (Occasionally, these options may change due to school events/stock variations).

Healthier Packed Lunches


A healthy packed lunch is a balanced meal providing a variety of nutrients to be found in four food groups:


Starchy Foods: base each meal on a starchy food, such as bread, potato, rice, pasta, yam. Starchy foods give energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Meat and Alternatives: Add some protein, for example meat, fish, eggs, beans or pulses. Protein foods build muscles and provide minerals.

Milk and Dairy Foods: Include a dairy product or dairy alternative such as yoghurt, fromage frais, tzatziki or home made milk shake. These foods provide calcium necessary for strong bones and teeth, as well as providing protein and vitamins. 

Fruit and Vegetables: Don't forget to include fruit and vegetables. You can use fresh, frozen, tinned or dried fruit. Fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre necessary for the body to function properly and to keep you strong and healthy.



  • Replace sweets/chocolate with plain biscuits, dried fruit or fruit salad.
  • Replace cakes and pastries with fruit bread or malt loaf.
  • Replace salted savoury items with rice cakes, bread sticks or cheese and crackers.