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Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health Services that Young People Can Access


  ChildLine ;    Service;  Online counselling and over the phone support.


                      Phone;      0800 1111


                      Opening Hours; 9am - 12am, 7 days a week   


Kooth ;          Service; Online access to a counsellor. Online support groups and blogs, for under 18s


                       Opening Hours; 12pm - 10pm Monday-Friday; 6pm -10pm Saturday - Sunday



Health & Wellness

The emotional wellbeing of children is just as important as their physical health. Good mental health allows children and young people to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well rounded, healthy adults.


Please take a look at the following slides to find out about 'Looking after your metal health' and what we can do together...




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You could try making some origami cats or even monsters which you could use as bookmarks!