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Have a go at these questions to get your brain warmed up! smiley


WALT: subtract decimals


When subtracting decimals, use column method to help. A good tip is to put in the decimal point before your start any calculations. Remember - the decimal point will never move. It will always separate the ones (whole numbers) and the tenths (part numbers).


Unlike addition, you cannot alter the order in which you subtract the numbers. If you cannot subtract the number from the starting point (for example 3 - 7), you will need to exchange from the next place value.  



Have a go at this Friday maths challenge.

It might take you a while and a few tries to get there so don't give up.


Stay focused

Be determined.

You can do it! yes










WALT: Write a persuasive letter


Today we are going to write our persuasive letters to Senhor's employer to convince him not to cut down the kapok tree.


Think about the features of the persuasive letter and how it should be set out. The sender's address is on the top right hand of the page and the recipient's address is on the top left. For the recipient address, you could either make one up or use the school address :)


You should have your three arguments planned out from yesterday. If not, think about three points that the animals made to Senhor that would convince someone not to cut down the kapok tree.


Try and include some of these sentence openers to create a formal tone to your letter. This letter is to an employer not a friend so don't use slang! 



Use this check list to make sure you have used all the features of a persuasive letter:


Once you have written your letter, don't forget to take a picture and send it to !