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WALT: Find equivalent fractions


Continuing on from yesterday's task, take a look through the above PowerPoint and complete these questions about equivalent fractions. Remember - what you do to the numerator (top number), you must do the same to the bottom number. 





WALT: edit and improve my writing


Please read your own work through. You could even read your writing to someone at home.

Check for the following things: punctuation, tense and spellings.


Choose a few sentences from your writing and rewrite it underneath - trying to make it even better.


You could send Miss Rowlands and Miss van de Stouwe a photo of your writing to our school email address. (Make sure you ask an adult first)




Please make sure you read for 20 minutes today.

You could read independently, to a sibling or an adult in your house.

Where is your favourite place to read?




Please practice 20 minutes of spelling of the year 3/4 words.

Challenge: Can you put some of the words into silly sentences?