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Friday 17th April 2020


WALT: use a place value grid to find hundredths


Watch the video below and complete the activities into your red maths book.



Find and correct the spelling mistakes in this passage:


The City was builded on a sharp mounton that jutted from the see, and the sea cept trying to claim it bak. When the tide rose, it swallowd up the City's lower streets. When the tide fell, it spat them back out agian. That gray morning, once the tide had retreated, a wale was fond on a rooftop. 


Taken from Orphans of the Tide by Struan Murray.



WALT: Write an informal letter


Today we are going to write our letters to Toki. Think about the layout of your letter. Your address and date should be in the top right hand corner of the page. The main body of the letter then starts underneath it from the left as usual.


Aim for at least three paragraphs: 

Introduction - why are you writing to Toki?

Explanation - who are you and what are your interests? 

Conclusion - what are your questions for Toki?


Check your work against this list. Did you include all of the features? If not go back and edit your work to include it.


Don't forget to take a picture of your work and send it in to:




Read the extract below and answer the questions into your exercise book

WALT: answer questions about a text



Robin Hood and Little John

They’d passed the graveyard on the edge of the village by the light of a full moon, and the hoot of an owl signalled their passage.  They spent the next few hours trudging through the gloom of the forest on their way back to Nottingham.  Mist hung about the ground at knee height, giving the forest an ethereal feel.  Robin’s friend, Will, turned to him and confessed quietly he wasn’t happy about the uncomfortable silence which enveloped the woods.  Usually, even at such an early hour, the woods were filled with noises, but tonight all was deathly silent.


They reached the river crossing just after dawn had broken and found a sun-dappled space to sit, eat and rest a while before crossing the water into the part of the forest inhabited by outlaws.  Robin stood and stretched before retrieving his pack, his quiver and his bow. “Come on!” he said to Will, who lay napping on the heather and he nudged him with the toe of his boot.  “How much longer is it?” said Will screwing up his face and shielding his eyes from the low hanging sun, “we’ve been walking all night!” 

“Not much further,” said Robin, “but keep your wits about you now…you never know who is lurking in the woods on the Wester’ side.”




Questions -> Remember to answer in a full sentence.

  1. What do you think the word ‘enveloped’ means?
  2. Which word in the text tells you that outlaws lived in the forest?
  3. What does the word trudging tell us about the way the two of them move through the forest?
  4. What does the word 'lurking' tell you?


->Challenge: write 3 questions of your own.