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Happy Bank Holiday! 


We don't expect you do work today as it is a bank holiday, however if you want to keep yourself busy we'd added some ideas below


Stay safe. We miss you all. heart

From, Miss Rowlands and Miss van de Stouwe.


Plan an exciting journey for a character, such as a toy figure, as you help them travel through the landscape of your home or your garden.


Create your own rivers, dangerous bogs, creaky bridges, tall grasses, deep dark caves and terrible villains. Help your character (hero) survive and tell us the thrilling story through pictures or drawing their journey.


Here are some ideas for you.


 a deep bog                 a tall cliff               tall grasses               creaky bridge


As a challenge, can you create a paper map of the landscape, using a key to show the main features (they can add extra ones if they wish: including some more human features such as tracks, buildings, etc).

The route should be clearly plotted on the map.


(adapted from ideas from the Geographical Association)

Naturesbase Education Centre


Watch this video of the book 'The Day The Crayons Quit'


Maybe you could write your own letter from a different object.

-> a rubber, a sharpener, a  ruler, a chair?

Be as creative as you can think of.

If you can’t go out, why not travel the world from home?

This week we travel to Japan.






こんにちは Konichiwa



Although Japanese is a different language to Chinese, Chinese characters are used to write it down. The writing system is called kanji. Why not learn how to say a few phrases in Japanese?


Maybe try writing some of these phrases in Kanji.












Find out more:

Do you know where to find Japan on a map or globe?

 How many islands make up the nation of Japan, which are the smallest and biggest?

What can you learn about the Sumo culture of Japan?

There are no limits to what you can discover!