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Have a go at the 9x tables on BBC SUPERMOVERS



Times table test. Write out the questions and write the answers.

Maybe ask an adult to time you?

2 x  9 =

7 x 9 =

4 x 9 =

6 x 9 =

1 x 9 =

5 x 9 =

10 x 9 =

4 x 9 =

12 x 9 =

9 x 9 =

11 x 9 = 

3 x 9 =

8 x 9 = 


Today, we're going to practise our multiplication method again.


Have a go at these questions into your book. The first one has been done for you.



Have a go at working this question out into your book.


I know that Alex/Dexter is correct because....


I know that Alex/Dexter is incorrect because...


I can prove my answer because I know that...... so.....



45 x 6 > 38 x 8

True or false

Explain your reason.





CHALLENGE - If you've finished and want an extra challenge


Have a go at this challenge into your book
Make sure you prove it with calaculations and working out


We would love to see what you think


Remember you can post your ideas to our class blog or email to


Dragon Adventure Free Write Friday


This week, let your imagination run wild and make your own adventure for your dragon to go on.

You could write a story, make a comic, research a fact-file, write a is up to you! 


Top Tips:


Plan your idea - make a map of the story arc so you know the journey your character is taking.


Don't forget detail - the more detail you add, the better the reader can picture your story. Use expanded noun phrases and subordinate clauses to help. 


Vary those sentence starters - no reader wants to read the same sentence starter over and over again. Use fronted adverbials for when and where as well as adverb starters to keep your story flowing. 


Use your senses - show sentences that use the characters senses (sight, sound, taste, feel and smell) to describe what is going on or how they are feeling.


Don't forget to send your stories to