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Friday 22/05/20



Today we are going to become detectives again and see if we can solve the mystery of the mixed up football shirts. Work through the different clues and see if you can uncover who the practical joker is. If you wish to turn it into an escape room style task then you can do, or you could turn it into a treasure hunt and get someone to hide them around the house for you - it's totally up to you smiley




To warm up our brains and hands before we write our non-chronological reports today, complete the following activities...

Today's task is to write a non-chronological report about your magical creature design, use your plan from yesterday's lesson.  Watch the video below that explains how to structure your paragraphs and sentences.

Remember to include the features of a non-chronological report (see below).

Have a look at the WAGOLLs again (if you need to).

Send your non-chronological reports to , if you want to you can include an illustration of your magical beast.