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Friday 17th April

TOPIC - The Stone Age to the Iron Age!

Make a mind map of what you already know about this period in history.

Now write 3 questions you would like to explore as part of your learning.

For example - What were homes like in the Stone Age?

Let's have some fun and practise our 6 times tables.


Let's do our favourite Supermovers song - Fred the Red.

6 times tables with Fred the red


Complete 1 page in your homework book.

Use your red maths book for any working out.


Test yourself on your times tables using Times Tables Rockstars!


Complete 1 page in your English Basic Skills homework book.


Spellings - complete the spelling sheet for today.

Spelling rule -


Extra spelling task - choose one of the spelling activities from the spelling section on the Y3 Home Learning page and practise your spelling rule. Enjoy!



Complete your Reading Record and share the wonderful reading you have done this week.


Extra reading task - choose one of the reading comprehensions from the reading section on the Y3 Home Learning page.