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Friday 08/05/20



Let's start with a game. For this starter you can either play against yourself and come up with two names for yourself, or you can try and rope in a family member to challenge you.


We are going to recap adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators; think back to the previous learning you've done on this to help you.


PDF version of the game

Maths - Word Problems involving the 4 operations


Continuing on with our problem solving theme, work through the different questions below. They all involve you needing to apply your knowledge of the 4 operations to solve them.



We're recapping words with the "-able" suffix today. Using the words you've been given can you fill the gaps of the sentences to make them complete.



Today in Spanish we are going to look at how we can describe the weather in Spanish. Have a little watch of the video below to help with the pronunciation.

Que Tiempo Hace hoy?

A spanish Class lyric project.

Now it's your turn - can you match the correct picture to description

Printable version and answers