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Fri 15/05/20



Today you need to pop on your detective hats and see if you can help to solve the mystery of the breakfast.


Work through the different clues and see if you can find out what the best breakfast is smiley You can either work as a lone detective or try and build your own team of detectives to help you out!



Solve the Mystery of the best breakfast - clues and answers

Reading - 10 minute challenge


Read through the short passage below and then answer the questions. Remember to look for clues within the text and include evidence from the text when required.

Printable version and answers


Read 'Hallowe'en' up to Harry receives his parcel.


Read to the end of the chapter.



This week in Spanish we are going to be learning all about our family members. Have a little watch of the clip below to help with the pronunciation and then match the correct image with the Spanish definitions. 

Members of the family in Spanish

La Familia