School closes for pupils on Thursday 22nd October and reopens on Monday 2nd November.
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Activities to keep you busy!


Below are some different activities for you and your family to have a go at if you're looking for something to keep you busy. These activities are here for rainy days once you have completed the English and maths work.

Naturesbase Education


Combining the outdoors with the indoors, here are some activities that will get you thinking about what is around you. For more information take a look at their website:


Household Art


If you are feeling creative, take a look at artist @DarrellWakelam on Twitter. Using materials you can find around the house, like egg cartons, toilet rolls and pasta, Darrell will show you step by step how to create a masterpiece. 

Around the World


This week, we are visiting Japan! Take a look at the document that has some activities based around popular Japanese culture.

Creative Writing


If you enjoy writing and need some inspiration, take a look at Jane Considine's Super Sentence Stacking videos on YouTube: The Training Space. Updated daily, there are over 40 videos with a range of genres to choose from. Using animations, Jane guides you through creating a short story using different sentence structures. 

Explorer Q&A


Every Wednesday at 9:30am, explorer Steve Backshall is live on YouTube answering your questions about nature! Learn all about woodlands, insects and the strange things Steve has seen on his expeditions around the world. All videos are saved, so if don't worry if you can't watch live. Follow the link here: Steve Backshall Q&A