School reopens tomorrow (Thursday 2nd September). We are looking forward to seeing you all!
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Victoria Park Junior School English Curriculum 


At Victoria Park Junior School we want children to be confident writers and life-long readers. We promote independent reading, reading for information and a love of reading through a range of strategies including reading records, guided reading, class books, reading prizes, and reading events such as our ‘Literacy & Arts Festival.



We aim to provide a range of stimulating experiences including texts, drama and other stimuli in order engage them in the writing process. We provide a rich curriculum which adheres to the National Curriculum requirements, while allowing staff creativity to choose themes which will create interest and challenge the children whom they teach.  



We believe that, in order to become competent writers, children need to develop and master a range of different skills as well as having the confidence to experiment and take risks to apply these skills effectively. 



Our English curriculum is divided into blocks which are based around a particular text or topic.  Therefore, children are absorbed into a particular context which deepens their understanding and broadens their vocabulary.  Within this context, children can practice learnt spelling, grammar and punctuation rules and apply these in their written tasks. 



Children explore, respond to and analyse quality texts which have rich language and model the desired structures and conventions. Texts vary from year to year, in response to the needs of individual classes but have included Kensuke’s Kingdom, 1001 Arabian Nights, The Turbulent Term of Tike Tyler, Goodnight Mister Tom, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and The Demon Headmaster.