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Year 4 spelling objectives for Autumn 1


Week 1 – Words with /aw/ spelt with augh and au

Week 2 -  Adding the prefix in- (meaning ‘not’ or ‘into’)

Week 3 - Adding the prefix im- (before a root word staring with ‘m’

or ‘p’)

Week 4 - Adding the prefix il- (before a root word

staring with ‘l’) and the prefix ir- (before a root word staring with ‘r’)

Week 5 - Homophones & near homophones

Week 6 - Words with /shun/ endings spelt with

‘sion’ (if root word ends in ‘se’, ‘de’ or ‘d’)

Week 7 – Year 3/4 words from statutory list

Into the forest


We continued on the half term by reading a book called 'Into the forest' by Anthony Browne.


We've been learning how to use adverbs as starters, fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and direct speech.


We wrote a setting description of the forest which were fantastic. 


We continued to study this book and wrote our own narratives. 






Charlotte's Web


We finished the half term looking at 'Charlotte's Web' by E. B. White.


We explored the language and vocabulary used in the novel to help us write letters on behalf of Wilbur to the Farmer.


We also wrote diary entries in role of the main characters.