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This half term, we are going to be studying the amazing story of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', written by the world's number one storyteller,  Roald Dahl. 



This beautifully illustrated and evocative story will give the children the opportunity to use their imagination to help good triumph over evil - after all, everyone loves a happy ending...



         "...Mr Willy Wonka is the most extraordinary chocolate maker in the world."



                                    And do you want to know who Charlie Bucket is? 

                                Charlie Bucket is the hero!                                                              




There are four other children in this book. They are nasty little beasts, called:



VERUCA SALT (spoiled),


    and MIKE TEAVEE (TV addict).


Clutching their Golden Tickets, they arrive at Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!

But just what secrets will they discover?..."


Whilst exploring this wonderful text, the children will be:


  • inferring information about a text
  • making predictions based on events
  • using adverbs and adjectives in their writing
  • using prepositions where effective
  • including similes in their work
  • expressing their opinions about a character
  • creating a new character description
  • creating a new inventing room

Examples of our fabulous work!

Picture Gallery...

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