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Autumn 2

English- Goodnight Mr. Tom & Letters from the Lighthouse 

Maths - Fractions & Geometry 

Science - Light 

History- Manchester in WW2 

Design Technology - textiles (tote bags)

Computing - IT 3D modelling /animation

Physical Education - Handball 

Religious Education - What difference does it make to believe in ahimsa, grace and Ummah community?

French - All about France 

Music -  Music through the ages

Values / attitudes - Equality & Team Worker 

Monday 23rd November - Friday 27th November

This we in history we have been learning about how Manchester was affected during World War II. We carried out our own research and wrote fact files.

We then created art work that represented the Blitz...

In Science we have been looking at how light travels and how shadows are created.  The children had to prove that light travels in a straight line using a torch, mirrors and card.

Monday 16th November - Friday 20th November

This we in Maths we have continued to look at fractions.  We have revisited how to add and subtract fractions- including mixed numbers and order fractions.

For our learning in history, we have been finding out about World War II and exploring our BIG question: How did WW2 affect Britain?


It began with finding out - who? when? where? why?

We then learnt about the sacrifices that were made during WW2 and what life was like at home here in Britain.
Design & Technology - we have been practising our sewing skills ready to design and make our very own tote bags!

Monday 9th November - Friday 13th November

This week has been EQUALITY WEEK! We have explored what cultural diversity means. In year 6 we have been learning all about JAPAN and its fascinating culture.

Our highlights were...

- making and tasting sushi using chopsticks

- origami

- making booklets about Japan

- Japanese writing

- painting a Japanese landscape

- writing haikus

- recreating a story set in Japan based on the book Wabi Sabi


Week Beginning 2.11.20-6.11.20

This week in maths we have started to look at fractions, the children have been revisiting how to simplify fractions, find equivalent fractions, turn improper fractions into mixed number fractions and place fractions on a number line.

We are great TEAM WORKERS and in LEARNER ATTITUDES this week...

We discussed what makes 6ET a great team and decided we are ALL wonders!

In our VALUES lesson this week about EQUALITY...

We designed our own logos that represent EQUALITY!