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Autumn 2

What we will be learning in Autumn 2:

English - Stories from other cultures/Pandora/Tuesday

Maths Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

Science Rocks

Geography Where in the World? Volcanoes and Earthquakes

DT- Levers and Linkages

Computing - Digital literacy - staying safe online and Word Processing/Publisher

Physical EducationYoga/Basketball/Gymnastics

Religious Education - What do different people believe about God? 

French - Colours/Numbers upto 20/Countries/I like...


Values / attitudes - Equality/Team Worker

Monday 23rd November - Friday 27th November 2020

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In French, we have been practising the days of the week. We decided to clap the syllables to help us remember the words. Check us out!

Monday 23rd November - Friday 27th November 2020



The past couple of weeks in DT we have been having a look at levers and linkages and different ways in which we can make things move. We learnt some new words to describe movement (oscillating, rotary, linear and reciprocal) complete with actions and have begun to put them into practise by making a 'snapping crocodile'. 







In Religion, we have been looking at the religion of Hinduism. We have learnt all about the many Gods and Goddesses who are important, especially the Trimurti and the Tridevi. We also looked at other Gods and Goddesses and why Hindu's worship them. 





Monday 16th November - Friday 20th November 2020



After playtime on Monday, 3D came back in to find something had happened to our classroom - a crime had taken place! There were some strange objects covered in an unusual green substance. Straight away were we determined to find out what happened and that is when we all became detectives! We had to carefully examine the evidence and ask questions about what could have happened. We also had to interview some witnesses to try and piece this puzzle together. We are busy working hard to produce our final police report and it should be ready for presenting to the Chief Inspector by early next week.




Values, Attitudes and Well-being

This week, we explored toys and advertisements that were directed and just boys and just girls. We discussed these as a class and how it was ok for boys and girls to play with whatever toys they wanted. That is when we became TOY DESIGNERS! We got our thinking caps on and each decided to create our own gender neutral toy. We had to come up with an eye-catching design and a name that would interest boys and girls. Everyone created an amazing toy that would fly off the shelves in any toy store! Here are a few of our designs:




Well-being Wood

This week we had to search for 3 nature items in the Well-being Wood. We then played a game of 'what am I?' and described the items to our partner who had to guess what it was - some interesting descriptions!





We were continuing to improve our basketball skills in P.E. this week and started to put all our skills together into a game situation. We focused on our passing and dribbling skills and tried to make sure these were done correctly with the added pressure of an opponent - tricky!




Monday 9th November - Friday 13th November 2020


                                                                          Equality Week

This week at VPJS, we are celebrating Equality week. Each year group will be focusing on a different culture from around the world. Year 3 have chosen Malaysia, inspired by the book 'Kaya's Heart Song', which you can read below. We will be discovering lots about the Malaysian culture, including dance, food, language and art. 


On Monday, we retold the story of Kaya's Heart Song through a storyboard. Check out some of our wonderful work below.





Stories from Africa!

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On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of listening to Jan, the Storyteller. She told us an amazing story from Africa and everyone really enjoyed it. Here is a short clip of Jan in action!

3D's Heart Song

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In Music, we created our own heart song using onomatopoeia and also made our own instruments to accompany it. Mr Tebbutt thinks we did an amazing job!

 Monday 2nd November - Friday 6th November 2020



This week in English, we have been working really hard with our spelling, punctuation and grammar. We discussed the different uses for apostrophes, in particular, apostrophes for possession. We had lots of fun making up silly sentences; 'the pencil's shoes' was a firm favourite! We then played an apostrophe game which really got our brains thinking - it was tricky!




On Thursday, we improved our dribbling skills in basketball. We practised dribbling with our dominant and non-dominant hand, which was tough! Then we had the added extra of some defenders trying to intercept our dribbling but we did really well to keep the ball under control.





Here's a short clip of us loving the song about continents in our Geography lesson!

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This week in Geography, we were revising continents and oceans and everything we knew about them. We also looked at the northern and southern hemispheres and chose which one we would like to live in and why. We really loved listening and singing along to the videos - very catchy!