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Autumn 2

What we will be learning in Autumn 2:

English -  Stories from other cultures, Pandora and Tuesday 

Maths - Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and division

Science - Rocks

Geography - Volcanoes and Earthquakes 

DT Levers and linkages

Computing -  How to use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint

Physical Education - Basketball and yoga

Religious Education - What different people believe about God

French - Numbers to 20, colours 


Values / attitudes - Equality and Team Work 

Monday 14th December - Thursday 17th December

This week has been a fun-filled festive one and a great way to end to what has been an extremely busy but amazing first term for 3O in the Juniors! We have taken part in different Christmas crafts being made;  in a whole school Christmas quiz (via Zoom); watching a live stream pantomime and even getting a surprise visit from 2 of Santa's elves who travelled all the way from the North Pole just to see us! Here is just a little snippet from some of the photos that we've taken this week smiley 

I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful time enjoying the festivities and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2021 smiley


3O and I would just like to say...

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For our WinterGanza performance last week, we learned two new Christmas songs, Together and the Winter Mambo. If you click on the link below it will take you to a different part of the website, and then if you click on 3O's playlist then you will be able to see our performance of Together. We hope you enjoy it smiley
Monday 7th December - Friday 11th December
Christmas has arrived in 3O this week with the Christmas tree going up, fairy lights being switched on and advent calendar slowly counting down, and whilst it has brought lots of excitement to us all, the children have still continued to work extremely hard and show off their fabulous learner attitudes! smiley We have taken part in lots of fun activities throughout the week - TT Rockstars day; WinterGanza performance and concert with Trafford Music service; becoming paleontologists and making our own fossils; enjoying a Christmas themed yoga class and going into production making our own Christmas cards with a moving component! Hopefully you'll enjoy looking at some of the work and pictures below smiley


In English this week, we have been looking at a book called "The village of round and square houses" which is about a little village called Tos, in Cameroon which sits at the bottom of a volcano. We have explored the differences in the villagers' life and ours; the contrasting atmospheres of the peaceful village before the volcano erupted and then the destruction of the volcano as it erupts. Everyone worked extremely hard with this piece of writing, and below is just a small sample of some of the writing that was produced smiley


This week we have continued to be volcanologists as we brought all our research and knowledge about volcanoes into an informative non-chronological style poster. Working in our teams we set about the task of writing our notes up into full sentences; drawing illustrations of what volcanoes look like and the different parts and including lots of fun facts about the different volcanoes around the world. Here are a few pictures of our work...

Monday 30th November - Friday 4th December


In geography this week, we have become expert volcanologists as we delved deep into the earth's crust to investigate and research about volcanoes. We worked in teams to answer different questions and then, as Miss O'Toole a break from teaching, we took on the role of teacher and presented our learning to the rest of the class. Here's a look at us in action...


We treated ourselves to a little bit of "us" time in PE, as we enjoyed some Star Wars themed yoga after spending some time exploring the wellbeing wood by going on an alphabet hunt. Here's some photos of us in action...


In science this week, we have been working like geologists as we worked through various experiments testing different types of rocks to see if they were permeable; they would scratch easily; they would float and if they would fizz. We had lots of fun carrying out the experiments and were very proud of ourselves when we realised our predictions were correct smiley. Below are a few photos of us in action as scientists!

Monday 23rd November - Friday 27th November
It has been another action packed week in 3O, with lots of great work being produced and laughter along the way! Lots of our activities this week have involved us being Teamworkers and we have worked hard on working collaboratively; listening to each other's ideas; taking on different roles within a group and giving each other helpful feedback where necessary. In maths we have worked in teams to solve a range of problems which involved us using our multiplication and division knowledge; in English we worked to put together a news report about a mysterious "pig invasion" that happened and in geography we researched and explored a different area of Volcanoes which we will then we teaching the rest of the class next week. smiley


We started the week off by writing up our police reports following on from the strange and peculiar events that had happened the week before. Have a little look at some of the reports that were written, I do believe there are some future detectives amongst us smiley


In RE this week have been looking at the Hindu faith and their beliefs. We looked at the different Gods and Goddess that they believe in and explored the similarities and differences between the Hindu, Christian and Islamic faith which we been looking at. After learning about the different Gods and Goddess that are important within the Hindu religion we chose one to draw in our books. Here's a little sneak peek into what some of us did...

Monday 16th November - Friday 20th November

It has been another very exciting week in Year 3, with things getting off to a very unusual start on Monday morning with some peculiar (slime covered) objects being found in the classroom. The children have made great detectives: examining the evidence left behind; interviewing witnesses; drawing up their predictions as to who (or what) has been up to mischief and have begun to plan their final police reports that will be written at the beginning of next week (keep an eye out for them).


This week in DT we have been having a look at Levers and Linkages, and different ways in which we can make things move. We learnt 4 new words to describe movement (oscillating, rotary, linear and reciprocal) and have begun to put them into action by making a "Snapping Crocodile". Have a little look at us in the making process (cue lots of concentrating faces) and then enjoy the little clip of us demonstrating the final product! 

Our "Snapping crocodiles" in action

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This week, in French, we have been learning the days of the week. I think the children will agree when I say that this is one of their favourite and most liveliest lessons, especially with the different games they play smiley We thought we would share with you all our efforts (we haven't quite perfected the accent or pronunciation just yet, but we'll work on it laugh)

Days of the week in French

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Monday 9th November - Friday 13th November

This week year 3 have been taking part in Equality Week, and the country that we have focused on was Malaysia. It has been an extremely busy week and we have all had lots of fun and taken part in a variety of different activities: tasted food from Malaysia and the surrounding Asian countries; became chefs by cooking our own curry puffs and mango lassi; learned how to count up to 10,  say thank you and my name is in Malay; found out what life is like in Malaysia and created our very own "Lonely Planet" guidebooks; created our own puppet shows based on the book Kaya's Heart Song; enjoyed a fabulous storytelling session; attempted to learn some of the traditional Malaysian dance moves; practised some meditation based on the Buddhism faith; decorated and made some fabulous celebratory elephants and became composers as we wrote our own Heart Songs and composed the music to accompany them. As you can see we have all been VERY busy bees and I think we are all glad we have now got 2 days of rest laugh

Have a little look below at some of the photos from the week (as always they are just a small snapshot)!

Story Telling session

Being curious questioners, and creating our Lonely Plant guides to Malaysia

Becoming Chefs

Composing our own Heart Songs

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Our story maps based on the story Kaya's Heart Song

Food tasting

Monday 2nd November - Friday 6th November


We've been very busy bees in 3O this week, everyone has come back motivated and ready to learn - well done everybody smiley


In English this week, we have been refreshing our memories with recognising different word classes, different punctuation marks and their purpose and how to identify the simple past and present tense. Earlier on in the week we looked at using apostrophes for possession and tested our understanding by playing a game - take a little look at us in action smiley

As part of our values curriculum for this half term, which is Equality, the children began their learning journey by looking at and researching different countries and cultures. I was absolutely blown away by the creativity, excitement, knowledge and enthusiasm they had and the quality of the learning was extremely high! We had a whole range of different ways to present our learning, from chefs, bakers, artists, builders, linguists, technology and film buffs to poster and fact-file makers - it was fabulous!

Below is a snapshot of what was produced  - well done to all of 3O for your hard work! smiley

In PE this week, we have once again been practising our ball handling skills in basketball. We successfully managed to dribble with the ball without losing too much control, I believe we may have a few Manchester Giants potential players amongst us laugh.

A video of us in action!

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