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Autumn 2



What we will be learning this half term:

English - Writing outcomes: recount, balanced argument and a narrative
                Texts: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

                Guided Reading: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Maths - Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division and Fractions

Science - Forces

History - Ancient Greeks

D&T - Structures


Physical Education - Gymnastics

Religious Education - What is it like being a Muslim in Britain?

French - At the Zoo

Music - Trafford Music Service - African Drums

Values - Teamwork

Learner Attitude - Equality

Week 7

Monday 12th - Friday 16th December 2022

Week 6 -

Monday 5th- Friday 9th December 2022

This week we also visited the British Muslim Heritage Centre and learned more about Islam. We looked at Islamic architecture and tried creating our own mosques using balloons! 

Week 5 -

Monday 28th November - Friday 2nd December /


This week has been assessment week. I've been really proud of how hard the children have worked on their assessments to show off all their wonderful learning and knowledge. They've been determined to try their best and stayed focused even when it's been tricky. Well done, 5R!


This week, we have been continuing to explore our forces topic in Science and learning all about air resistance. We have enjoyed learning about whether a bowling ball or a feather would drop first in on Earth and in space.

We have been planning our own fair test investigation to find out whether the size and / or material affects the time taken for a parachute to reach the ground. We have worked hard on looking at different variables we could change, planning our investigation and making our own parachutes to test.

This week in English, we've been working on writing our own balanced arguments based on wonder.

A highlight of our week was our FANTASTIC djembe concert where 5R absolutely wowed our parents, carers and teachers with their impressive drumming and singing skills. Thank you to all of our parents / carers who were able to join us to celebrate how hard the children have worked for the past 10 weeks as part of the music service project.

WEEK 4 -

Monday 21st - Friday 25th November 2022

What a fantastic week this week in 5R.

In English, we've been delving deeper into the book: Wonder.

We've been particularly focusing on inference questions and using evidence from a text to support an answer. We ended the week with doing some freeze-frames to show how August's (our main character) emotions change in a single chapter.

In maths, we've been continuing with multiplication and division and ended the week with our end of topic assessment.

Next week, we start our fractions topic.

 One highlight of the week was looking at Ancient Greek artefacts and replicas. We used out inference skills to decide what the Ancient Greeks were like based on these. 


This week, we've enjoyed reading the 'We are all born free' book - the universal declaration of human rights in pictures.

We enjoyed our class discussion around human rights and our rights.

We chose one of the human rights from the book and illustrated our own posters to reflect this for our class book.



Monday 14th November - Friday 18th November 2022

WEEK 2 -Equalities Week 2022


This year, our theme for Equalities is "Same But Different". 

We started the week by sharing our home learning challenges about each of our own cultures. It was lovely to see how confident, courageous and proud the children were when sharing about their culture. I was also extremely impressed by 5R's respect when listening to others.


Home learning challenges - sharing about our own culture

Wearing our cultural clothing

On Wednesday, we enjoyed coming to school in our traditional / cultural clothing and sharing with the rest of the class about our chosen outfits.

Sharing our languages - speaking and writing.

WOW! I was extremely impressed with children in 5R who were able to stand up infront of the class and confidently and clearly teach the rest of the class who to speak and even write in their cultural language. How impressive!

Some children even were super courageous and able to teach other classes in our school.

We also learned how to write our names in Urdu (from Pakistan), Gujarati (from India) and Bangla (from Bangladesh).

We then re-created our own class version of 'This is how I write my name' to contribute to our whole school THIS IS HOW WE DO  it VPJS book.

Take a look at some of our wonderful Mirror Books based on Jeannie Baker.

We created our own mirror books based on our culture and the culture of another person in Africa.



Monday 31st October - Friday 4th November 2022